Cargo Van Rentals

Cargo Van Rentals and Driving Safely

Cargo van rentals offer many benefits, whether you are moving your home, business or you need a supplemental vehicle to help transport a larger than normal load. Before you get behind the wheel though, you need to understand a few key safety components to ensure that you get to your destination safely.

More Blind Spots

It is important to remember that the bigger the vehicle is that you drive, the bigger the blind spots that you will have. In order to acclimate yourself before getting on the road, you should sit in the driver’s seat and adjust your mirrors. Take a few minutes to truly look around and understand the blind spots. This will help you to adjust the mirrors accordingly, especially if there is not a functional central rear view mirror in the van to help enhance your view.

Longer Stopping Time

There is a big difference between stopping a car and stopping a cargo van. Whether the van is fully loaded or you are running it empty, it still requires more stopping time. This makes it essential to drive slower and always have your eyes on the road. This enables you to be ready for any quick movements or stops that might be necessary.

Tougher Turns

Turning in a cargo van is also different than a car. The sheer height and weight of the van puts it at risk for tipping over if not driven right. Pay careful attention when making any turn, but especially right turns. Take the turn wider and slower in order to prevent a serious accident from occurring.

Pack Carefully

Cargo van rentals are meant to transport large items or loads, but they require proper loading in order to stay safe. Before you start driving, ensure that the load is strapped down or otherwise secured to prevent it from sliding to the front of the van and putting you at risk for an accident due to its distraction.